Race Equality

It is important to note that race is predominantly a social construct – in other words, scientists have discovered that only two percent of our genes are ultimately responsible for the visible differences such as skin colour.

This section defines the protected characteristic of race.  For the purposes of the Act, “race” includes colour, nationality, caste and ethnic or national origins.

People who have or share characteristics of colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins can be described as belonging to a particular racial group.  A racial group can be made up of two or more different racial groups.


•Colour includes being black or white.

•Nationality includes being a British, Australian or Swiss citizen.

•Ethnic or national origins include being from a Roma background or of Chinese heritage.

•A racial group could be “black Britons” which would encompass those people who are both black and who are British citizens.

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Race Equality – Useful Links

Equality and Human Rights Commission – Useful information for people, employers and organisations for racial equality.

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