Gender/Sex Equality

Gender is not about a person’s biology but rather is to do with identity, which is often created by the society we live in.  Many people are considered to be male or female based on the basis of biological sex but not everyone’s gender is the same as their sex.  People who have a different gender to their sex are transgender.

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Gender Equality – useful links

Equality and Human Rights Commission – Dealing with Sexual Discrimination and inequalities relating to gender, including good practice in the fair and equal treatment of men and women.

The Women and Equality Unit – Supports the Ministers for Women, who develop policies relating to gender equality and co-ordinate work across the Government.

The Gender Trust – A charity helping transsexual, transgender and gender dysphoric people and those affected by gender identity issues. Services include information about counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and referral procedures. it also provides help for intersex people and families, guidance for people with gender issues at work and training on the legal, medical and social aspects for employers.

The British Council – Work with women and men globally to promote the status of women and their participation in the political, social, economic, cultural and legal structures in their countries.


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