Northumberland Single Equality Forum

The Northumberland Single Equality Forum is based at Adapt (NE) and supports equality-related practice of new, emerging and existing voluntary and community sector groups and organisations in Northumberland.

Many of these groups work in the identified equality-protected areas of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, and all have to comply with Equality related legislation.

The Forum was launched in May 2013:  please see the Launch Report and its appendices:

Appendix 1 - A presentation on the Single Equality Forum by Vijaya Kotur which includes an updated list of the protected characteristics

Appendix 2 - A presentation by Jane Bowie from Northumberland County Council including an overview of council groups and their equality structure

Appendix 3 - A presentation from Patrick Price, Senior Operational Manager and E&D Lead for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which gives an overview of the trust, its partnerships and how it is organised

Appendix 4 - A presentation from the Northumberland Clinical Commissioining Group on its role and equality objectives.

The Single Equality Forum provides:

  • Specific groups with a point of reference where both common and specific matters of relevance for equality related matters can be explored and actions identified to build stronger practice and peer support.
  • a conduit for the sharing and development of good practice across the wider voluntary and community sector.
  • a platform for effective engagement and involvement across the sector and with statutory partners.
  • a forum for developing a strong collective voice in relation to equality issues in order to influence and lead policy developments locally, regionally and nationally.

For further information, please ring Liz Prudhoe on 01434 600599 or e-mail her at lizp@adapt-tynedale.org.uk

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